Boat / Board Outfitting, Storage

Outfitting.  Boats and boards often arrive with simple, basic outfitting necessary to use them safely, like hand holds on the sides or ends and a non-skid  stand up paddleboard deck surfaces.  They can be upgraded to 1) increase your sitting and paddling comfort; 2) help you organize hefty amounts of gear; and 3) improve the performance of your craft.

PPA Outfitting - NRS Back Band_Outfit 86x50
Back Band for kayak seat. Photos: NRS
PPA Outfitting - NRS Seat Pad 92x65
NRS Seat Pad

Seats, knee braces, backrests, hip pads and inflatable bags can make paddling for long periods at a time almost effortless.

External deck rigging, dry storage space, and storage containers can keep sunscreen, snacks, and angling gear handy, separated and dry.

PPA Outfitting - NPS UrchinAnchor_Outfit 71x65
NRS Urchin Anchor
PPA Outfitting - NRS Scotty Rod_Outfit 171x100
Scotty Rod Holder. Photos courtesy of NRS
PPA Outfitting - NRS Reel Fins 86x65
NRS Reel Fins

Skegs, fishing pole holders and anchor lines can help you paddle or fish with more confidence, and more fun!

PPA Accessories - NRS Tailwater_Storage 97x100
Tailwater Storage cooler, courtesy NRS
PPA Accessories - NRS Canyon_Storage
NRS Canyon Storage. Photo: NRS

Storage.  Outfitters and retail paddling shops carry a variety of storage containers to help you organize gear and keep your important cargo dry or on ice while you paddle, such as hard and soft coolers, and impact-resistant, waterproof gear boxes for electronics.

PPA Accessories - NRS Tuff Sack_Green open 60x114
Tuff Sack, open. Photos: NRS
Tuff Sack_Green closed 50x102
NRS Tuff Sack, closed.
Roll-Down Duffel Bags from Jack's Plastic Welding
Roll Down Duffel Bags, courtesy of Jack’s Plastic Welding

Waterproof, soft storage bags for clothing and camping gear are easy to use and durable for many years of use.



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