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Paddlesports Orientation DVD Available

Paddlesports Safety Orientation DVD Now Available

An up-to-date Flatwater Paddlesports Orientation DVD is now available to members.  The first copy is free with each additional copy costing $49.  The non-member price for the first copy is $125 and $75 for each addition copy.

The DVD may be used to provide customers renting canoes, kayaks, rafts and SUP’s with a general safety briefing that can be played in a continuous loop.  Separate segments provide basic paddles strokes and techniques for each type of craft.  Others segments cover navigation rules for navigable waters and cold water immersion.

A menu on the DVD will allow rental operators to play the segments that are important to their operation.

To order call the AOA office at 800-524-4814.

Kayak Angling: Freedom and Flexibility

Aleuts ishing,1450s. Source:
Aleuts ishing,1450s. Source:

Fishing from kayaks is not new.  Native peoples discovered the effectiveness of seeking food from the water’s depths while floating on,  instead of standing at its edge, hundreds of years ago.

In the early 2000’s kayak designs that incorporated angling-specific seating and storage as well as life vests (personal flotation devices) and paddles suited to fishing started to catch up to instinct.  Today we enjoy countless equipment options for enjoying angling from water level.

PPA SitonKayak - OK Prowler CamoEach year unveils  destinations that were previously difficult to find or to reach with a motor boat or flats boat configuration.

Each year, thousands discover the nimbleness, tracking capability and storage that can comes along when you decide you’d like to try fishing by kayak.   Here are 10 Tips for the Beginner Kayak Fisherman as told by web-based blog YakAngler.