Transporting Boats and Boards

Rooftop boat heading to the water on Barrito-padded roof racks. Photo courtesy of NRS.
Happy boat on padded roof racks, ready to be secured with ropes or straps . Photo: NRS
PPA Transportation - NRS Barrito Roof Rack_Prodcut 264x50
Barrito Roof Rack Pad keeps boats secure on roof racks. Photo: NRS

Getting you to the water with your boat is generally what a canoe and kayak ‘livery’ service specializes in helping you with.  If you rent a boat on a flowing river or on some waterways, a shuttle service is usually provided as part of the charge for the boat rental.  Be sure to ask in advance, so you understand what the outfitter will provide as part of the service.

NRS Whispbar roof racks. Photo: NRS
NRS Whispbar roof racks. Photo: NRS

Roof Racks.  If you renting a boat from a shop and transporting it yourself, you’ll have to have car top racks. If there are factory-installed luggage or travel racks on your vehicle, you’re set for carrying your board or boat to the lake.  If you plan to carry several canoes or kayaks on a sedan, SUV or van,  ask for advice and assistance to make sure you have a suitable rack system and are comfortable loading and securing them with straps or rope.

If you are buying you own boat, racks systems can fit any vehicle on the road, and offer paddling-specific accessories to help load and secure them.

Mighty Might boat cart, courtesy of NRS
Mighty Might boat cart, courtesy of NRS

Boat Carts. These handy items help if you are hauling a long or heavy boat solo. Some fold for storage in your boat and others feature wheels suited to traveling on sand.



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