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River rafting … for more than just the day!

Middle Fork 03 007Many outfitters offer unique multiple-day river experiences by taking care of the ‘heavy lifting’ such as providing transportation to the put-in (where rafts enter the river) and picking you up at the takeout point; preparing meals; and, of course, offering expert paddling guidance whether your raft is being propelled by an oar rig or by you and your paddling crew in ‘paddle boats.’

Here is a blog post from seasoned river experts on the NRS Duct Tape Diaries blog who have logged many thousands of river miles, reflecting on the joys of multiple-day raft trips. There are dozens in the Western US where rural rivers have fewer access points, as well as a few wonderful trips in the East, 

Luxury or roughing it - tentIf you’d like to try a multiple day trip, our members can offer just the right option for you, your friends and family! Read Tips for Choosing an Outfitter, and then search for your outfitter by activity or location.