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One Day Paddling Trips

PPA Lifestyle - Old Town Kayaks Image-175x182River trips allow you to discover waters, scenery, critters in the water and along the banks that you simply cannot experience from the banks.

Such experience does not require days of travel to get to the river, nor the commitment to multiple days on the water. We are all busy, and often find it tough to plan a river trip that requires a day of travel to the river and back home.

Most of us are fortunate to be able to find awesome scenery, fresh air  and as much  splashing and exercise as we choose.  if you are within an hour of a boatable, accessible river, lake or coast, you are within two hours of a put-in time and assurance you can be home for the evening news.   If you live in a city, chances are there are multiple options for getting on the water with an outfitter or on your own.

New York?  The East, Delaware, Mongaup, and Hudson Rivers offer easy day trips.

Detroit?   Join thousand of your neighbors who enjoy the nearby Huron River each year.

Oklahoma City? The Oklahoma River is now home to USA Canoe and Kayak and has become a hub for those new to paddling as well as training and competition.

Reno? The reinvention of the city in the early 2000s was catalyzed by re-engineering the Truckee River, now host to tubes, kayaks, and inflatables all summer long.

Mobile? It’s famous bay has been home to boats, paddling and fishing from john boats, and stand up fishing boats for decades.  Kayak fishing and Stand Up Paddling are as alive and well in this area as anywhere in the U.S.

Rafting near end of 2 miles of high quality whitewater in Columbus, Georgia
Rafting near end of 2 miles of high quality whitewater in Columbus, Georgia

Now, before your expectations climb out of reach, you may not find a broad variety of options close by, but there are probably more than you’d think.  In addition, the trend of finding recreational water near densely populated areas may be bringing new options to you soon.  Recent river restoration in Columbus, Georgia(a) is revitalizing its downtown.  The removal of dams on the Elwha(b) and Sandy(c) Rivers in Oregon that no longer served their original purpose has restored habitat for critters and  created recreation opportunities for residents.  Dam removal plans will restore rapids to a city whose name deserves them: Grand Rapids, Michigan(d).

Try our outfitter search service to find one of our members who is just waiting to introduce you a  day trip that may well create memories of a lifetime.

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Reliable River Releases Make Trip Planning Easier

Photo courtesy of  Man of Rubber. Valley Kayak Paddles, MTI life vests, RiverGear Helmets.
Photo courtesy of Man of Rubber. Valley Kayak Paddles, MTI life vests, RiverGear Helmets.

Decades ago, finding a river on which you could be pretty certain of an exciting experience used to be dependent on recent rain or the melting of the previous winter’s snow.   The ‘season’ for reliable bouncy and fun river recreation was during the late winter, spring and early summer months.

That’s still the case today on many rivers: you can enjoy whitewater in the spring and return to the same river for a lazy summer float during the summer when flows are lower and slower.  You may not know exactly how much water will be in the river on a given day, but you’ll have a good idea based on the season and recent weather.

Many rivers now flow with uncanny consistency and at the same level of flow, whether you paddle in early May or late July.   They may ‘run’ on certain days of the week, and sometimes provide a slightly higher level, predictably on Saturdays vs. Sundays: it’s sort of weird when you think about it!

Well, this predictability is great for rafters, canoers and kayakers who have jobs during weekdays. Being able to head to a river for a rafting trip at say, 10 a.m. on a specific Saturday knowing the water will be at predictable level is pretty darn great.  This predictability can be a result of an agreement with the owner of a dam that collect water for either flood control or the production of hydropower.  In Colorado, several towns have secured a Recreational Instream Channel Diversion or RICD, which is a type of water right that guarantees flow on specific days, as long as there is sufficient supply available upstream of the town.


River rafting … for more than just the day!

Middle Fork 03 007Many outfitters offer unique multiple-day river experiences by taking care of the ‘heavy lifting’ such as providing transportation to the put-in (where rafts enter the river) and picking you up at the takeout point; preparing meals; and, of course, offering expert paddling guidance whether your raft is being propelled by an oar rig or by you and your paddling crew in ‘paddle boats.’

Here is a blog post from seasoned river experts on the NRS Duct Tape Diaries blog who have logged many thousands of river miles, reflecting on the joys of multiple-day raft trips. There are dozens in the Western US where rural rivers have fewer access points, as well as a few wonderful trips in the East, 

Luxury or roughing it - tentIf you’d like to try a multiple day trip, our members can offer just the right option for you, your friends and family! Read Tips for Choosing an Outfitter, and then search for your outfitter by activity or location.