Let's protect our waterways for her.
Let’s protect our waterways for her, and her children, as well..

Professional Paddlesports Association members care about our rivers, lakes and coastal waterways.  A lot. They our our life and our love and we work to keep them healthy to keep to provide the best possible experience for our customers, like you

The river, lake or coastal waterway that you’ll be floating and paddling is managed by one or more city, county, state, or federal agencies, and possibly protected by law in some way. It is through the shared interest and stewardship of private citizens, watershed organizations, national conservation and recreation groups, private business owners and administrative agencies that we are able to enjoy them.  We encourage you to respect the owners of the launch sites and their property, picking up any trash you find along your trip and taking it out with you to the take out.

Some rivers require permits by outfitters, individuals or both through a volunteer or application system. Many lakes and rivers ask the public to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive plants and water critters by cleaning, draining and drying boats when we are through for the day. If you  learn that there are requirements for paddlers on th river you’ll be visiting, review them before you begin your trip and contact your outfitter  to make sure you are prepared.

The following links provide helpful guidelines for specific rivers, and important river and environmental management information.



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